013: Arts in Worship

I’m delighted to bring you another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!

Today we’re talking with Kimberly VerSteeg:

Kimberly is a professional actress who currently works as an Event Planner.  She and I have worked together on many plays over the years and become good friends over that time.

On the podcast we discuss the idea of “arts in worship.”  At Kimberly’s church (Fort Washington Collegiate Church) they pair art (visual arts, dance, singing, theatre, film, etc.) with every sermon.  Here’s a video that shares a portion of their recent Easter service:

In the podcast we also discuss how the notion of “theatre, therapy, theology” and how art and God and self-reflection and story telling are all intertwined.

What are your thoughts on the topic?

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003: Renovating This Old House

It’s time for another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!  This week the topic is home renovation and our guest is Bethany Larsen!

About Bethany:

Bethany Larsen works by day as the Business Manager for a Broadway press office in NYC, and by night works on fixing up the 1887 Victorian home she and her husband bought and moved into in early 2012.  She recently started blogging about her home improvement adventures at The Larsens Live Here.  Bethany also proudly serves on the board of the Fordham Alumni Theatre Company and the junior board of Solving Kids’ Cancer.

Here’s a photo of what the house looked like when Bethany and her husband bought it:

Their new stairs (and super cool wooden shingles revealed):

You can see lots more before & after pics on Bethany’s blog.

On the podcast we discuss home renovation, collaboration, creative mistakes, and Hugh Jackman!  Bethany is super funny and so I definitely giggled my way through this episode.  I hope you will too!

If you have comments or questions, I know that we’d love to hear them!

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