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Welcome to my classes page! I teach both online classes and live in-person classes. I rarely teach the same class both online and in-person. This is my policy because I want you to always get the best value out of any class you take with me. You can also check out the instructional DVDs I offer HERE.
In-Person Classes
I am teaching a limited number of in-person classes these days. My classes do tend to sell out, so I encourage you to sign up early and often! If you have any questions about the classes or the supply list, please feel free to e-mail me.

  • September 16-18 2016: Two classes at CRAFT in Austin, TX -- one is a one-day class and the other is a two-day class.
  • October 10-11, 2016: Two classes at A Work of Heart in San Jose, CA -- two two-day art journaling workshops: one at night and one during the day!
  • December 9-11, 2016: classses TBA at WhimSoDoodle in Florida
  • more class info coming soon
  • upcoming classes in NYC and Canada!
Online Classes
Online classes are an awesome way to learn: video lessons with supporting photos and text. You get to work at your own pace: pause, rewind, and fast forward the video lessons as necessary. You can even do what I do and learn in your pajamas!

Once you purchase an online class from me:

  • You will have access to all of your classes using one url, one username (which you choose), and one password (which you can reset yourself).  
  • As with all Balzer Designs online classes, you never lose access to the class once you purchase it.
  • There are some super cool social aspects to the online classroom.  You have a profile page with a photo, information about yourself, links to your places on the web, a gallery, and a Facebook style wall where you can post updates and images that people can like and comment on.  
  • In addition, each class has its own private group where there's a message board and a photo gallery.
  • You can "friend" people on the site and gather a great little network of art-loving folks!
  • Payments will be processed automatically -- get your class login information right away.  
Visit the Balzer Designs Online Classroom HERE.

You can try out the classroom for FREE with the online class "Stencil 101."

Visit the Balzer Designs Online Classroom to see the classes currently being offered, read student reviews, and sign up for whatever interests you!

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Art Journaling
Most of my classes include techniques that can be used in art journaling, but these are classes that are specific to the practice of art journaling.
Make Your Own Junque Journal 30 Days in Your Junque Journal Junque Journal Bundle 30 Days in Your Journal  
$125 $125 $200 (20% discount) $65  
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Question: What's the difference between "30 Days in Your Journal" and "30 Days in Your JUNQUE Journal?"

Answer: Both classes are a look at 30 days in my art journal and the process of art journaling every day.

"30 Days in Your Journal" ($65) is an older class. In it, I work in a blank watercolor journal and build my pages in short ten-minute bursts each day. The narration of the videos is live. These are the techniques and supplies I used when I started art journaling every day.

"30 Days in Your JUNQUE Journal" ($125) is a new class. In it, I work in a Junque Journal -- sometimes for ten minutes and sometimes for forty. Narration is done by voice over and many of the videos are in fast forward. These are the techniques and supplies I currently use in my art journal every day.

Getting Started Series
These classes are designed to give you an introduction to a given technique or product, thus the name "Getting Started!"
Getting Started with Color Mixing

Getting Started with Gesso

Getting Started with the Gelli Plate Getting Started with Deli Paper Getting Started with Neocolor II
$20 $20 $35 $15 $15
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Getting Started with Transfers Getting Started with Resists Getting Started with Watercolor Getting Started with Lettering Getting Started with Design Principles
$15 $15 $15 $15 $15
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Getting Started with Collage Getting Started with Spray Ink BUNDLE 1: Gelli, Deli, and Color BUNDLE 2: All 12 Getting Started Classes  
$20 $15 $50 (28% discount) $165 (23% discount)  
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Stenciling & Stamping
If you're a crafter, a creator, an artist, or just a curious soul, stencils and stamps are some of the best tools around!
Stamp Carving 101 Stencil 101      
$50 FREE      
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